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At Pau, as a sustainable furniture company, our pieces produce satisfaction and comfort, creating in homes an atmosphere of luxurious simplicity while being environmentally friendly. An important part of our daily lives where in times of work and stress it is increasingly important to feel comforted and relaxed when we arrive at our homes, without stridency and with a sense of space. We try to make everything easy, not only the decoration, but also our lives.
This is how this concept arises in PAU by Latorre. Simplicity, comfort and sustainability without sacrificing design and luxury. We are unique in uniting both worlds in our sustainable furniture.
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Long-lasting furniture and sofas
Pau&Latorre is an idea, a high-standing concept about a trendy and long-lasting sofa. Because even though this sofas are a designed product, it is a classic conception too, just because of its long life. the constant exigence in all our finishes and the seek of the most simple result.

This project covers from more casual lines to modern and simple contemporary design trends. It is a blend between the love of perfection, the constant exigence in all our finishes and the seek of the most simple result.
We are created a blog for #interiordesignlovers.

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