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Having an environmentally friendly sofa is easier than we tend to think, and starting your decoration with a sustainable sofa is a great idea. The living room is one of the rooms in our home that we use the most and having a comfortable sofa is essential for us to be able to enjoy our free time in a satisfactory way.

Despite the fact that having a sustainable home is within everyone’s reach, choosing a sofa can become an arduous and tedious task if we don’t have clear ideas. At Pau, manufacturers of sustainable furniture, we want to help you with the choice of the perfect sustainable couch, so in this post we give you some recommendations that you should take into account when choosing your ideal sofa.

The ideal sustainable sofa for your home

The purchase of a sofa is a very important investment, as it is not only the aesthetics of the product that are important, but also the functionality and manufacture of the product. 

Today ‘s market offers us a wide range of sofas, but if you want to create a sustainable home, you will have to choose products that maintain that line. In other words, you need to choose sofas that respect the circular economy and  are made from environmentally friendly materials.

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How to choose the perfect sustainable sofa

We often think that sustainable and eco friendly sofa products are expensive or out of our reach, but the reality is that, if we put our minds to it, we can have a house that allows us to respect the environment while enjoying maximum comfort.

Here we tell you what aspects you need to take into account when choosing a sustainable couch:

Certifies wood structure

Wood is one of the most important parts of a sofa
, as it forms the base structure. In the case of sustainable sofas, this wood is obtained responsibly and legally from forests with controlled logging. One of the ways to make sure that it is sustainable wood that respects the environment is to check that it has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) seal.

Upholstery with sustainable textiles

In addition to the wood, it is very important that the textiles and stuffing of the sofas are natural. At Pau, we have a
catalogue of 100% natural linen and cotton textiles, so the customer can choose from one of our three collections: Carlton (100% linen in different colours), Ashai (cotton and linen) and Delta (linen and viscose), all of them made with natural and ecological fibres.

Design and style

Once we have chosen the sofa and we know what materials it is made of, it is very important to pay attention to the design and style. We have to choose a product that matches our taste, but at the same time matches the rest of the furniture and the colours of the living room. 

Modular sofas

Another aspect to pay attention to when buying a sustainable sofa is its size. There is no point in buying a huge sofa if the living room is going to be too small. For this reason, it is very important to measure the area where we are going to place the sofa and then choose how we want it.

In this case, modular sofas are a very good option because: they allow us to adapt them to the space of the living room, you can customize them to your taste, enlarge them if necessary and change the layout of the sofa creating different styles.

Comfort first and foremost

It is no use having the biggest or most beautiful sofa in the world if it is not comfortable. We spend many hours on average in the living room, so choosing a sofa that is comfortable is essential for both our rest and that of our family.

The comfort of the sofa depends on the type of filling that the cushions have, so you can choose synthetic feather fillings, foam rubber or a mixture of both. At Pau we have high density HR foam fillings to ensure the comfort of all our customers.

Pau, always committed to sustainability

Pau’s products are a mixture of a taste for perfection and constant demand that allows us to create different compositions that respect the environment and also adapt to preferences of our customers.

Some of the sustainable sofas in our catalogue are:

Shahenn sofa

The Shahenn sofa is made of beech and pine wood from national sustainable forests. This sofa, designed by Guillermo Torrent, is a clear example of a modular sofa that allows the customer to adapt it to any space in their living room.

Dress sofa

Designed by Sergio Pérez and Anna Roy, the Dress sofa stands out for the perfection of its fabrics, which create a light design of geometric shapes that give distinction to the space in which it is placed. It is made from wood that comes from forests with controlled felling and has an upholstery with high-density HR foam rubber padding and recycled rubber straps.

Uppsala sofa

One of the latest additions to our catalogue is the Upsala sofa, designed by Guillermo Torrent. Like all our products, it has a sustainable pine and beech wood structure and fabrics from our collection. It stands out for being fully removable and the customer can choose between different size options as it is modular. For example, two modular sofas and a Chaise Longue or sofas with different widths.

As you have seen, choosing the perfect sustainable couch for your living room is easy if we take into account the recommendations mentioned above.

At Pau, we are unique in combining simplicity, comfort and sustainability without sacrificing design and luxury. Find out more about Pau sofa by downloading our free catalogue or visiting our website by clicking here