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Pau by Latorre, the space forsustainable furniture
Conceived as the paralel product line of Latorre
in order to cover the sustainability needs and
design of a new audience.
In 2002, the new Pau&Latorre brand was born with a whole new style and range of furniture. The firm headed by Ascensión and now led by the funder’s children manufactures top quality, hand-made and exquisitely finished furniture. This new concept won over new markets and consol dated both Ascensión Latorre and Pau&Latorre in Europe and other foreign countries.
Pau&Latorre is an idea, an avant-garde concept. Luxury sofas are made and designed to withstand time. New lines with a classical concept. It has been created to last forever. The Pau&Latorre range combines casual, informal pieces as well as sober and contemporany designs. The Pau&Latorre range is the blend of being meticulously perfect and providing exquisitely finished pieces with a yet simpler and more elegant style. The immense hall was crowded with nobles and their women, as though some important function was in progress. There was not a guard in sight without the palace, due, I presume, to the fact that the city and palace walls were considered impregnable, and so I came close and peered within.As we approached the palace brilliantly illuminated audience chamber of Than Kosis.
Original Designs

Consciousness and emotion

A new concept of
environmental conscience.
Discover your next sustainable piece of furniture