Decotips: how to achieve natural and green interior design

Ecological and environmental awareness is making its way into interior design to such an extent that, nowadays, many are opting for a green interior design projects to give a differentiating point.

In this Pau’s post we are going to list some ideas to achieve an ecological and natural design giving it a fresh atmosphere and in connection with nature.

What is green interior design?

Ecodesign or green interior design is based on a methodology that seeks to identify the environmental impact of a product or service during all phases of its life cycle in order to try to minimize any negative effects on the ecosystem.

If we apply it to interior design, eco-design will allow us to create a natural environment with refined and elegant finishes using all kinds of recycled and sustainable materials. Ecodesign is cheerful, bright and allows us to see life from another perspective while respecting the environment. From PAU we tell you how to make your home more sustainable.

Tips for a natural and green interior design

Next we are going to see how to achieve a natural and green interior design to have the most sustainable home possible:

Natural style materials

The most commonly used materials to create an eco interior design are those that remind us of nature itself and with which we will achieve a fresher environment: rope, wicker, bamboo or jute are the most recommended.

For example, jute is used in carpets of which we can find models of braided carpets, with cotton or colored ribbons, among others. In the case of bamboo the most common is to see it in blinds to dress the windows. With bamboo blinds we will get the light in, but reaching the necessary degree of intimacy. Wicker armchairs also give that natural touch to any space in your home.

Natural fabrics

If we talk about fabrics, we recommend the use of natural and organic fabrics, for example for bedding, curtains or bath linens such as bathrobes and towels, among others.

In the sustainable sofas we can also find natural fabrics in the upholstery, such as our Archie sofa. The covers of the Archie sofa are made of 100% natural cotton and linen fabrics, as well as completely removable and machine washable with water at less than 30 degrees. The frame of this sofa is made of pine and beech wood from sustainable European forests, and its base is upholstered with elastic webbing recycled from rubber tires. In this way, you can achieve eco friendly living room furniture.

Archie sustainable sofa: green interior design

Examples of natural fabrics are organic cotton or linen, such as those in our Archie sofa, which are grown free of pesticides or artificial fertilizers and spun without chemicals, resulting in a fabric that is natural for both health and the planet. Organic wool is also used in these cases, as it is free of environmentally harmful bleaches.

Play with color

Colors are very important when it comes to giving personality to our project, however it is important to emphasize that, if we want to create an interior as ecological and natural as possible, we can not choose any type of paint, but we must opt for the so-called eco-paints.

This type of paints must be of natural, mineral or vegetable origin, that is, from renewable or biodegradable sources. To achieve this, minerals such as talc or iron oxide are used, as well as resins or oils that come from the bark, roots and leaves of trees. In addition, ecological paint is biodegradable and its life cycle is much more sustainable, always respecting nature.

As for colors, we recommend using green shades in all their variations, as well as whites, grays, ochers, terracotta or beige ranges. Vibrant colors show character and joy, so, if you want, you can also give some touches of blues or browns a little darker.

Reuse products for a new use

In our review of the best decotips to create a natural and eco friendly interior design we could not miss the reused and recycled furniture. The furniture is essential in any project and if we opt for furniture made from natural materials such as wood or cardboard, we will be contributing to improving the environment.

So, we can use pallets to create outdoor furniture, wooden boxes to make shelves, glass bottles to make lamps, dried tree branches to make coat racks, among many other ideas. Try not to throw away your old objects to give them a second life.

Take advantage of natural light

Light is a natural resource that must be maximized. To enhance this natural light it is best to use light color palettes, especially in curtains and main walls, to reflect and multiply the brightness.

If, for some reason, your home does not have enough natural lighting, the best way to try to be as eco-friendly as possible is to reduce energy use. And this is achieved by using LED bulbs that will not only help us to lower the electricity bill but also favor the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Create life with plants

Plants bring us closer to nature in the best possible way, so we recommend that you use them to decorate any room of your interior design project.

plants for a green interior design

With plants we can make different compositions, for example: you can create a composition of hanging pots in an interior space with different types of plants or a collage with cacti of various shapes.

If you have little space, we recommend creating a natural wooden pole on which you can place 4 to 6 different plants, or use pallets hung on the wall as a planter to include a wide range of different plants.

Indoor plants not only bring great health benefits but also provide positive energy and allow you to create different decorative compositions.

Decorative elements evoking nature

Ornaments that reproduce forms of nature will bring us much closer to it.

Therefore, you can use dried flowers that, besides giving a vintage touch to your home, will never deteriorate. In addition to dried flowers, dried leaves, pine cones or shells also serve as a decorative complement. Use them on a plate or tray or create a collage with them, it will look amazing!

As you have seen, achieving a natural and green interior design is within everyone’s reach and we can do it in a simple way. In Pau, as sustainable furniture manufacturers, we want to help you complete this process, so in our catalog you will find environmentally friendly furniture made in a sustainable way contributing to the improvement of the planet while respecting the environment.