Sustainable living room furniture must-haves

Our home is that place where we seek peace and quiet after a long day’s work. One of the rooms where we spend the most time is the living room, which has become the epicenter of the house. The ample space of this room allows us to gather with family and friends, read a book, watch a movie or simply relax.

In order to have a cozy space, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the decoration but also to know how to make your home more sustainable and to choose sustainable living room furniture that will give the space that aura of tranquility.

From Pau, as a sustainable furniture brand, we want to help you, so in this post we tell you which are the ecological and sustainable living room furniture that you can never miss.

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Sustainable decoration in your living room

Having a sustainable decor in the living room is possible and brings many advantages to our lifestyle.

Sustainable decoration consists of using objects that follow the principles of social, ecological and economic sustainability. That is to say, objects that have been manufactured following the circular economy model based on the maximum use of resources while trying to reduce the use of raw materials.

Not only furniture can be eco-friendly, but also objects such as curtain fabrics, cushions or carpets, paint or plants can turn your living room into an environmentally friendly space

For example, in the case of fabrics for curtains, cushions or sofa upholstery, it is best to opt for eco-friendly materials and vegetable fibers such as cotton and linen; or animal fibers such as silk or wool. 

If we talk about paint, it is best to use ecological paint of natural, vegetable or mineral origin that comes from renewable or biodegradable sources and is not harmful to the environment. 

The best natural decorative elements are plants, which besides giving a sense of tranquility are beneficial to health and allow us to create beautiful decorative compositions.

Sustainable living room furniture

Achieving a sustainable living room design requires the right choice of furniture, which should be ecological and natural.

Sustainable furniture are exclusive pieces that are manufactured with natural or recycled materials that do not contain additives that alter them. In addition, they are made in the most respectful conditions for both people and the environment. 

Some of the main features of eco-friendly living room furniture are:

  • They have a friendly production, optimizing to the maximum the use of raw materials and are designed to be durable.
  • The raw material used must be natural, organically produced and sustainable.
  • Certified wood from sustainable forests with FSC and PEFC certifications is used for its manufacture.
  • Both the upholstery and filling fibers are of vegetable or animal origin from organic farms or plantations.
  • The process of raw materials until it becomes furniture should be as sustainable as possible, trying to have the minimum impact on nature.

The best sustainable furniture for your living room 

In Pau we manufacture furniture under the concept of environmental awareness, using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, we are unique in combining both worlds in our furniture: sustainability and design.

Here are some of the sustainable living room furniture that you can find in Pau’s sustainable furniture catalog.

Archie Sofa

The Archie Sofa, designed by Guillermo Torrent, is an eco-friendly living room furniture conceived to accommodate all the possibilities of rest and pleasure that a large sofa can provide. It is a large sofa that can also be expanded with multiple modules, chaise longues or seats.

Archie sofa | sustainable living room furniture

Steetson Sofa

This piece is designed by Latorre’s design department and stands out for the quality of its structure, made of beech and pine wood from national sustainable forests. The customer can choose between several sizes of the Steetson Sofa: a three-seater sofa with six cushions, a two-seater sofa with four cushions or the single sofa.


Dress Sofa

Sergio Pérez and Anna Roy have designed this Dress Sofa that fits perfectly in any living room. It has a white upholstery with different geometric shapes that give it an air of freshness and naturalness. The structure is made of pine and beech wood from national forests that are committed to sustainability. This model can be designed with straight or rounded arms, giving the possibility of making different compositions.

sofá dress lino

If you want to know more about our products visit now Pau’s website and discover the wide catalog we have prepared. Moreover, you cand find more informationor tips in our blog, such as the benefits of eco-friendly products or rubber wood furniture If you need help or want to contact us we will be happy to help you!