Tips for choosing the most comfortable armchair

Sofas and armchairs are one of the places where we spend the most time at home. Specifically, figures show that we each spend an average of 3 hours a day on the sofa either watching TV, reading or enjoying some family time. So, it is normal that choosing the most comfortable armchair for a home is a complicated task that not only implies that we look at the price, but we must also take into account other aspects that will lead us to get the sofa of our dreams.

If you are thinking of changing your armchair but do not know which one to buy, we recommend you to keep reading this post in which we give you the keys to choose elegant and comfortable armchairs for your home.

The best armchair for your home

Sometimes, there are so many options we have when choosing the ideal armchair that it is difficult to know how to choose the most suitable for us. In addition, when buying an armchair or sofa, we must not only take into account our preferences but also other aspects such as: the place where we are going to place it in the living room or the decorative style of the set.

Therefore, before choosing the best armchair, it is very important that you determine the use you are going to give to the sofa, only in this way you will be able to buy the best armchair for your home.

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How to choose the most comfortable armchair

When purchasing a new armchair, it is very important to invest in a good quality piece that will last for as many years as possible.

The most important characteristics to look for when buying an armchair are that it should be comfortable, functional, of high quality and in accordance with the aesthetics of our home.

Measure the available space

Before buying, it is necessary to know the space available and the area of the room where the armchair will be placed. It is necessary to choose furniture that fits the living room, for this you have to measure the available space, taking into account the height and width of the armchair.

If the space is wide you can opt for wider armchairs with wide arms. If, on the other hand, you have a smaller space, the best option would be individual or smaller armchairs. It is necessary to know how to take advantage of the space to get an adequate environment to our needs.

Aures sillón | the most comfortable armchair

Comfort first and foremost

If there is one thing a new chair should provide, it is comfort. There is no point in having a big, beautiful or expensive armchair if it is not really comfortable. Therefore, it is very important that when buying armchairs we can try them in a store, touch them and check that they are what we are looking for.

But how do you know if an armchair is comfortable?

  • Your hips should never be deeper than your knees so that you can stand up easily.
  • If we lean our back against the backrest, our feet should reach the floor.
  • When sitting, the edge of the seat should not press against the back of the knee.
  • You must be able to rest your arms on the armrest and the armrest must be at elbow height.

Quality and durable structure

For a sofa to be comfortable it must have a good structure, which is neither too hard nor too soft, and the backrest must be softer than the seat part.

The structure or the base of the armchair is recommended to be as resistant as possible, in this way we ensure that it will last more years. One of the most resistant materials is solid wood, like the one we use in Pau for the manufacture of our armchairs and sofas. You can also use a metallic structure made of steel or aluminum.

On the other hand, in addition to the wooden structure, to achieve elegant and comfortable armchairs, the structure itself must have a system of straps or zigzag springs to support the weight of the cushions. As for the legs, they must be resistant, being part of the structure of the sofa and not screwed, since the latter are more insecure and break more easily.

Resistant upholstery and padding

Another element to look for when choosing elegant and comfortable armchairs is the upholstery and padding.

Fabrics and padding not only determine the style of the chair itself but are also important because they ensure comfort, quality and easy maintenance.

So you can choose fabric, linen, cotton or leather upholstery. That is why in Pau, we bet on quality while respecting the environment, choosing 100% natural linen upholstery that is more resistant to stains and better withstand color fading.

Colors according to your style

Light-colored armchairs combine perfectly with all kinds of accessories such as blankets, curtains or cushions and give a feeling of more spaciousness to the room. Their main disadvantage is that dirt is noticed much earlier than in a dark one.

Plain upholstery, without patterns or prints, is also more advisable since it is not tiring to the eye and, like light colors, is easier to combine with other decorative elements.

Sustainable armchairs, the new trend

Respect for the environment is increasingly present in our lives and at Pau we are aware of this. For this reason, we manufacture sustainable armchairs with recycled material or that comes from natural sources, thus avoiding harmful CO2 emissions to the environment.

Thus, at Pau, as a sustainable furniture brand, the wood we use comes from sustainable national forests that promote replanting. We also use high-density HR foam padding and rubber webbing and springs made from recycled materials.

Modern and comfortable armchairs for your home

Armchairs are one of the most appreciated pieces of furniture in our home since we almost always associate them with relaxation or enjoyment. Hence the importance of knowing how to choose the most suitable armchair for each one of us.

Our pieces are characterized by being handcrafted, taking care of the smallest detail so that customers are satisfied with the work.

Aures You Armchair

Elegance, comfort and style are the three characteristics that best define the Aures You armchair, designed by Ximo Roca. It has a wide and enveloping backrest that the customer can choose from three versions. The originality of its forms brings exclusivity to the space, and it is ideal for reading or resting areas. It is made of environmentally friendly materials, creating a sustainable and quality piece.

Hans Armchair

The Hans Armchair combines the austere elegance of classic furniture with the simplicity of Nordic design. Whether as a low armchair for the living room or bedroom, or as a high armchair for the dining table, the Hans armchair is perfectly proportioned and distinguished by its enveloping shape. This eco-friendly armchair has a workmanship that underlines Gervasoni’s craftsmanship and creates a play of full and empty spaces that lightens the design.

sillón hans | Hans Armchair

As you have been able to see, choosing sustainable armchairs for your home is something that should not be done lightly, but must take into account the aspects mentioned above. In Pau we have a wide range of products on our furniture catalog that adapt to the needs of our customers.

If you also want to buy the most comfortable armchair but you don’t know which one to choose, contact us and we will help you to make your choice and customize it with the fabrics you like the most.